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OTS Sexy Flounce

So we meet again,     here it is, Friday eve and I am just counting down to the seconds when hubby will be home to take over the kids for the next three days so mama can take a shower in peace and Heaven for bid take a bathroom break without little fingers clawing underneath the door. I am still all about that mom life though, wouldn't trade it for a thing and I like all the crazy that my babes bring to my mellow self, it's the perfect balance. 
   On today's post, I am bringing to you beauties the most amazing dress with all the details you will ever need in a look. I'm talking ruffles, accentuates all the right spots and makes all those curves look as smooth as butter. Do I have your attention yet?!

   Here she is, this beautiful Beige Off Shoulder Dress will definitely be worn on repeat for me this summer. I decided to pair her with some blue heels for a little pop and I love it. The shoe options are honestly endless with this dress and don't think I won't …

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