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My eShakti Experience

Hey strangers,

   JK, I'm the one that's been away far too long! I hope you guys have been doing well and I'm so glad to be back into the groove of things, sort of. Blogging is still a passion and I still plan on continuing BUUUTTT, just not as much as I used to! So, having said that...I am here today to discuss with you all this new company I came across and absolutely LOVE!

   The company is called eShakti and I had actually never heard of them before until they reached out for a collab. As I was scrolling their site , I came to the conclusion that it was definitely something I wanted to give a shot because to be completely honest, I thought how they worked sounded too good to be true. As it turns out, all the good is totes true and I have fallen head over heels for them!

   How they work is browse their pieces and when you come across something you like, you have the option to customize it. The length, the sleeves, the fit...all of that…

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