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Aventura Clothing I'm in love

Hello world,

   It sure has been awhile! I have put my blog on the back burner through the holidays because it can be time consuming and I want to be able to enjoy all of the blessings going on around me and it was the one thing I knew could wait. BUT I am here today because I recently came across this clothing company and I have fallen in love with! Their name is Aventura Clothing and they sell everything from scarves, to sleepwear to everyday wear. My most favorite thing about them though, and I wanted to say this before we get started on the clothes is...I love LOVE their cause. Get this, they are family owned and operated so YAY for shop small. But, they have partnered with Uncommon Threads, a "boutique" style clothing program that helps survivors of domestic violence and women in need receive styling services and new clothes. They also have partnered with Ecōths to help the fight against hunger. Those two things right there just really tugged at my heart strings. Not to…

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