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Sleeve detail + Denim

Hey y'all, 
   I hope your day is treating you well so far! Today's post brings you another detailed sleeve top that was just $10. Yep, you read that right ladies! Like I've said before, it is my call in life to bring you the latest fashion trends at the best prices! Also, my favorite clutch made it's way to the blog again. If you haven't checked them out then what are you waiting go to and check out all their adorable items. And at check out don't forget to use promo code Tamara15 at checkout to save 15% on your entire purchase!
   So I paired this flowy top and super cute clutch with my high rise distressed shorts that have been on repeat so much lately thanks to hot weather and Jack's baseball practices. Which by the way, I had announced a while back that we were trying out football but his Daddy and I have since then taken him out of that because he was the youngest on the team by two years. Although Jack is mature and sup…

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