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One size fits all with jewelry

Hello dolls,    I hope you are having a wonderful day so far! On today’s blog post, I’m talking about something I’ve always felt intimidated by, and that’s accessorizing with jewelry. You give me shoes or a handbag, and I got ya covered, but jewelry has always scared me. Too much, too little...where’s the happy medium? Well, I’ve found the perfect solution and it’s the right amount of “bling” to show off your style without screaming it. 
   The good thing about jewelry is this, one size fits all. No matter your pant size, your frame, the size of those over the shoulder boulder holders, jewelry fits everyone the same! Now, how to wear it is different of course because you have to wear what speaks to you. For me, it’s those simple pieces that make a subtle statement. I tend to wear loud shoes as well and don't need any competition going on between the two. Today’s focal piece is this gorgeous pendent hoop necklace. I’m a basic chick and I wear more solid colors than prints, and this n…

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